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Hi, I’m Rita Crompton, The Inventor Lady.   My company is FLeCusa International.

FLeCusa is in the business of delivering specialized Financial/marketing, Legal and Consulting services to inventors in all areas of the inventing process. We do for the inventor what he or she cannot do, or does not want to do, for him- or herself.

Through our working relationships with Colorado’s Small Business Development Centers, the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, SearchQuest Patent Search™, The Inventor’s Desktop™, The Invent Vault™, SmartSites Designs™, Quality Counsel International™, and others, we provide services of extraordinary quality and price to inventors, entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized privately-owned businesses

FLeCusa is a Colorado company headquartered in the Greater Denver Metropolitan area. The mission upon which our business is based comes out of my own personal experience and frustration over the past three decades in dealing with inventors and entrepreneurs who have previously been taken advantage of by predatory invention promotion companies and incompetent or unscrupulous IP professionals during the inventing process. Inventing is hard work and it’s expensive. The last thing an inventor needs is to be ruthlessly taken advantage of, but it happens everyday.

Institutionally, FLeCusa has more than 50 years experience with the delivery of business-related services and products in the US and internationally. It is the wisdom and grace gained from this experience that has led me to form, with various contributors, FLeCusa. It is our goal, always, to provide the highest quality and the clearest definition of our service and product offerings at an affordable price.

The types of clients we serve include:

· Inventors who are:

      – Medical professionals

      – Software developers

      – Sports enthusiasts

      – Home gadget creators

· Entrepreneurs

· Business owners

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