Marketing is the hardest part of taking a new product to the consumer and convincing someone to actually pay for it. By the time most inventors get to the actual “selling” point, they’re broke.   At FLeCusa International, we help you budget sooner, rather than later, for the marketing part of your endeavor. We also understand how you can “bootstrap” yourself to market. It is certainly easier if you have a million dollars or more to spend; however, not too many inventors have that kind of money


First, decide what your brand is going to look like. This isn’t etched in stone but you should try to be consistent. Your website, trademark and promotional material should all have the same look. Consumers identify with the look of your message. If you are not consistent, you will confuse the buy. This is not good. We will help you avoid the confusion and put together a compelling and attractive message and one that you can license later.


Once you have a brand, you’re ready to start selling. Most inventors begin doing it themselves locally. You can’t do this forever. You will go broke. You will have to find people who can help you sell. The easiest place to do this is at a professional tradeshow.


Professional tradeshows are wonderful places to obtain a marketing education. You learn about your industry, meet potential buyers, distributors and licensees; but you have to know how to work the show and how to get into the show. Everybody you need to meet will be at the professional shows.


Do not overlook publicity and how to get it. This is an ongoing endeavor and most inventors need help. Publicity you get from newspapers, journal articles, etc., looks good on your website and it can be posted in other places as well. The internet is a wonderful tool if you work it right.

FLeCusa International helps inventors with all of the above outlined steps in taking a product to market. The other steps like patenting and engineering seem easy when it comes to marketing and many inventors think selling is the easy part. After all, you have this new gadget and everyone will need one; however, there are many barriers to entry and the sooner you identify them and deal with them, the better your chances of success.

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