Graphic Design

Do you have a look? When your customers pick up a piece of marketing material, your letterhead, business card or a flyer do they recognise your company style?

Everything you make creates an image of your company … everything. We are here to design eye-catching material that will get your message across, with the continuity that is needed to build your brand.

Do you have a standard template for your newsletters? What about business cards that are a selling tool? Do your complimentary slips portray the right image, or are they just slips of paper?.

Contact us here to arrange a meeting with us at which we can discuss what will work for you and your business. You can also reach us by phone at (303) 910-8889. We are always happy to talk things over with you to create the look that is right for you.

Industrial Design/Engineering

Industrial design and engineering work hand–in–hand in the inventing arena. It’s critical to have professional help with the final engineering and drawings (CAD and otherwise) of your invention. Inventors, unless they happen to be engineers, are just not equipped to do the drawings that are needed for the patent application or the drawings needed for final engineering/manufacturing.

Notwithstanding the above, many inventors can do the first version of the prototype provided it is not highly technical. However, the final, sexy version of the prototype needs a professional touch, especially when it comes to manufacturing. Someone is going to look at the CAD drawings and turn this into a tangible product. If you want it to look and work right, spend the time and the money on the prototypes and the drawings.

The CAD drawings that are used for manufacturing are not the same drawings that are used for the patent application. Inventors want to “save” money by using the same drawings for both. The patent preparer has to label and refer to items in a different way than the engineer does. The CAD drawings for manufacturing have to be very precise. The drawings for the patent application are precise but in a different way. For instance, the CAD drawings for the manufacturing have to have exact measurements; however, you don’t want exact measurements on the patent application because it makes it too easy for a potential competitor to get around your patent when it issues.

Most IP attorneys can do the drawings that are required for the patent application. Some are willing to start with the CAD drawings done by the design engineer and adjust the labeling. Don’t cut corners here. Each set of drawings has a purpose and you are betting your invention’s future on each set. To find out more about the design/engineering process, contact us via e-mail by clicking here and we will put you in touch with someone who can help you. You may also reach us by phone at (303) 910-8889.

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