FLeCusa International was formed in response to the clear need for a radical reinvention of the way inventing and business development services are delivered in the United States.

Delivery of invention development services have been in a state of drift for at least a decade. During this period of time, and fueled significantly by the advent of the Internet, fraudulent activity in the invention development services arena has grown exponentially. This new development has imposed a considerable burden on both the inventors themselves and those few honest and ethical service providers who wish to provide quality services to the inventor and entrepreneur at an affordable price.

At the inventor client level, there’s dissatisfaction with the practice of unsupportably high hourly billing rates, lack of affordable access to marketing, law-related and consulting services, poor mismatching of personalities with specific client temperaments and needs and, more often than not, significant failures in communication and unhappiness over the level and quality of service being provided.

Our Mission

FLeCusa’s mission is to set a new standard in the way marketing, law-related and consulting services are delivered to inventors and entrepreneurs in the U.S. and around the world.

Marketing — FLeCusa International, working with the Inventors’ Roundtable, is dedicated to changing the way inventing support services are delivered in the US. Holding fast to the founding principle of The Inventors’ Roundtable, i.e., “Don’t spend a dime before its time!”, FLeCusa assists inventors in this area by helping them to bring their products to market, but without charging them the outrageous, upfront fees required by so many of the so-called “invention promotion” firms that advertise their services on the web, on TV and in inventing magazines. FLeCusa works principally on a low hourly rate, and, on occasion, will become a co-venturer with inventors whose products and/or services are ready for market introduction.

Law-Related — See our “IP” page for a fuller discussion of the types of services offered in this category.

Consulting — FLeCusa International works with clients nationally and internationally to develop marketing skills, distribution networks, management teams, and joint ventures.

Special Events– FLeCusa International, in conjunction with local Chambers of Commerce, Small Business Development Centers and other business consultants and consulting firms, regularly hosts workshops and training opportunities for inventors on financing, marketing/branding, legal and accounting issues, and general business concerns.

FLeCusa International is not an “invention promotion company”; rather its products and services are intended to facilitate and supplement the delivery of services by business professionals to inventors and entrepreneurs on a reasonably-priced and ethical basis. 

To Contact Us:

By phone: (303) 910-8889 or by e-mail at rcrompton@flecusa.com

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